Kelly Storrs is the force behind The Lowland studio which sits on the bank of the Sawkill river in the shadow of Overlook mountain. Everything flows downstream to here: Sycamore seed, roof tile, birch bark, deer bones, sewer pipe, coyote teeth, shells, owl pellets, fossils, styrofoam balls - it all ends up here in the lowland and is all a part of the vision that has inspired this body of work.

The desire to bring "some of the outside in" has always been inherent in Kelly's work, while serving it's purpose in the most functional way possible. All pieces are thrown or hand built and carved and glazed minimally with a matte clear glaze.  The simplicity of porcelain is a pure reflection of texture and shadow and translucency makes it unpredictable and exciting.  

Kelly's love for ceramics was sparked twenty years ago,  digging earthenware clay from the banks of the Winooski River in Vermont,  creating glazes from raw materials for rough stoneware bodies that were wood-fired.  Discovering what each material would do in the flame and heat of a 2300 degree kiln was a revelation.   She spent time in West Africa and Eastern Europe studying the human relationship with fire and clay and the reflection of culture in the ceramic arts.  

Kelly moved to the Catskills, drawn to a community of potters engaged in the tradition of Anagama wood-fired techniques.  The natural beauty of the Hudson Valley led her into landscape design.  The experience of  bearing witness to the

seasonal cycles of life, including finding beauty in even some of the oddest objects

brought to her by her son,  has become the inspiration for this work.